Plurauka 2017The Plura week 2017

The plura week is from friday, week 31 to friday, week 32. For 2017 that will be the 4th. of August, until the 11th. of August.

There will be:

  • lots of cavediving!
  • dry caving
  • social dinner made together

When, where and how? It’s “Plura Time” (i.e. a little bit impulsive and laid back). Keep attention to the “word-of-mouth” and ask us when you arrive (we might put some information at the boards, but no promises)!

Prices – Camping:

  • One-time camping fee
    • Non NGDF members: NOK 300
    • NGDF members: Free (membership fee is NOK 300 and you can register and pay for this before or during the Plura Week)
  • Camping per night per adult is NOK 120 (Children: Free)

Prices – Gas fills
New this year, is that Visit Plura – the local divecenter, is responsible for gas-filling. that means there will be staff doing the filling, so more time around the campfire!

  • Air:
    • Single tank and stage: NOK 60
    • Twin set: NOK 120 (top up, i.e. less than 40 bar: NOK 60)
    • Suit gas & Air diluent: 50kr
  • Nitrox 32:
    • Single and stage: 120kr
    • Double 12l or similar: 180kr
    • Double 15l and larger: 220 kr
  • O2 is 10 øre (NOK 0,10) per liter (Pure oxygen is only filled to pure oxygen tanks, no partial pressure fills, nitrox only filled with continous system to 32%)


Read more about the Plura Week here!


Inngangen til Plura. Foto: Jon Ottar Runde (2015)

Inngangen til Plura. Foto: Jon Ottar Runde (2015)