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The Plura Week

Every year near the end of summer there is a gathering by Plura; The Plura Week (previously known as “Week 33”). Starting with a handful of explorers the gathering has grown to attract around 50- 70 people. In few days a camp appears by the lakeside. During the day people dive in Plura, and in the evening there is socializing by the campfire. The official dates are from Friday in week 31 until Friday in Week 32 (NB! These are the new official dates, starting in 2015!)

Read more about the cave Plura here.

Sorry, the long text is only available in Norwegian, however, here’s a short summary in English (you should also scroll through the Norwegian text, since some text there is written in English, such as FAQs):

  • There are information boards placed in Plura in order to spread information about the Plura Week, the camp, diving etc.
  • The parking facilities have been improved.
  • The camping facilities have been improved. It is now more space for tents and less mosquitoes ;)
  • There are tables which will be placed nearby the bonfire for common use.
  • There are two toilets in the camp area and one nearby the dive spot.
  • Small events are often arranged during the Plura Week, such as lectures and drycvinf in the nearby caves. Check out our webpage, facebook, the information boards and the small talks around the bonfire for more information.
  • Membership can be purchased during the event, but is is optional.
  • It is possible to fill air, nitrox and O2 for RBs during the event.

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