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Cavegathering in Oslo May 5th

NGDF will hold a gathering about cavediving in Oslo May 5th. We will be combining a general assembly, lectures  and dinner.

General assembly

We will star off in the morning with our general assembly. The agenda is not yet complete, but a discussion on the role of NGDF will be sentral. There is an ongoing debate on specifying more rules or reccomendations for our members. The board has not wanted to make a conclusion without the support of our members in. The aim is to have a poll on one or more issues during the meeting.


We can mention that Michael Waldbrenner from  the EKPP(European Karst Plain Project) will be holding a lecture on how our experiences in cavediving affect our lives an cereers in general. Mattias Tancred will be telling us about diving in the Långban mine near Karlstad, Sweden. We also hope to have presentations of ongoing projects in Norway. 


After the lectures there will be a dinnerparty to socialize with other cavedivers. 

Planning is still in an early phase, more information will come.

Planleggingen er i en tidlig fase, mer informasjon kommer etter hvert.