Contact Information in Connection with the Accident in Plura (Mo i Rana)

The Head of the Board Morten Dyrstad will in the period 12th of February – 27th of February only be reachable at e-mail due to travel. E-mails will not necessarily be answered daily. If contact through phone or quick response […]

Press Release

The Norwegian Cave Diving Association (NGDF) can confirm that there has been an accident in Plura in Mo i Rana, Norway, with a tragic outcome late Thursday night. According to the police the people involved were supposedly Finnish cave divers. […]

General Assembly 2014

The General assembly for NGDF will be held in Oslo on the 10th of May 2014. The Board is working on an interesting programme (more information to come). Book the date today!!  

Connection between Steinugleflåget and the main entrance of Plura

In Plura the Steinugleflåget and main entrance has been connected by a team of Finnish divers led by Sami Paakkarinen. The distance between the existing lines was 170 meters, and the max depth reached was 130 meters. The board at […]

The Plura Week 2013

We are in the process of planning the Plura Week 2013 (previously “Week 33”). The official dates will be from Friday week 32 to Friday week 33. More information to come here at our webpage and also at our Facebooksite […]